Jury Prize and Residency Prize

Jury Prize 2019

Monographic exhibition (details to come)

Residency Prize 2019

C14-PARIS has established a partnership with Keramis – Center of Ceramics in La Louvière (Belgium).

In the spring of 2020, Keramis awards the winner of the C14-PARIS ‘Residence Award’ a 50-day residence (consecutive or fragmented nights) including access to the workshop, the provision of production equipment, specific supervision by its manager, ceramist Olivia Mortier, and on-site accommodation.

Museum, space of art and creation dedicated to ceramics, Keramis is erected on the site of the old pottery Boch in La Louvière. Its architecture, contemporary and daring, includes an old listed building of the 19th century that contains three old giant coal kilns, the last of its kind in Belgium. Opened in 2015, Keramis organizes temporary exhibitions and welcomes artists in residence.

Ludovic Recchia, founder and artistic director of Keramis, will be one of the jury members of the 2019 show.

Art historian Ludovic Recchia is curator of the decorative arts at the Royal Museum of Mariemont (BE). Specialist of Belgian ceramics of the 20th century, he is a lecturer at ENSAV (La Cambre) and member of the AIC. It is in Keramis – Center of Ceramics in La Louvière, of which he is a founding member and artistic director, that he carries out a militant action in favor of ceramic creation.

Photo 1: Keramis Center, La Louvière in Belgium © Maude Faivres
Photo 2: Ludovic Recchia, director of the Keramis Center, guest jury member 2019 at C14-PARIS © Antony Girardi

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