Logo fondation Bruckner


Émilie Fargues
Bruckner Foundation Manager
Organizer and programmer:
Carougeois Ceramic Course

Chemin de Grange-Collomb 38
1227 Carouge – Swiss

Vue extérieure de la fondation Buckner

The Bruckner Foundation is a center dedicated to ceramics, located in Carouge in a green setting, on the direct outskirts of Geneva. Born from the legacy that Ms. Charlotte Bruckner left to Carouge culture, the foundation works in continuation of Carouge’s ceramic tradition: the earthenware factories have given way to the realities of the 21st century and, today, the Bruckner Foundation highlights and radiates this multifaceted art. The Bruckner Foundation’s mission is to promote ceramics by providing professional workshops, by granting scholarships in the form of residencies and by organizing events including the Carougeois Ceramics Course. Open to artists focused on ceramic creation, whether plastic artists, ceramists, architects or designers, local or international, amateur or professional, the Foundation favors creative, interdisciplinary exchanges and the exploration of new ideas.

Workshops: thanks to its workshops conducive to creation, bright and open to greenery, the Bruckner Foundation offers an ideal working environment, whether for the realization of an exhibition work, the research, the creation or the development of a large-format project. The three workshops of about 20 m2 are professionally equipped for ceramic work. Bench to beat, enamel cage, hoist, workbench, die and towers are some of the tools available to residents. Cooking takes place on stand in electric ovens of various dimensions (from 70 to 1,500 liters!).

Carougeois Ceramics Course: created in 1989, it was in 2009 that the Foundation took over the organization of the Carougeois Ceramics Course, International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics. It reaches an audience of amateurs, collectors and artists. A true ceramic festival, it strives to offer an overview of contemporary creation through exhibitions, demonstrations, conferences and performances.


Logo La Peau De L'Ours Galerie


La Peau de l’ours
Rivoli Building
Chaussée de Waterloo, 690
1180 Uccle (Bruxelles)
+32 (0)493 24 87 53

Thomas Ghaye

La Peau de l’ours is a contemporary art gallery, located in the top of the city of Brussels, in the Rivoli building, an architectural jewel from the 1970s, which was originally intended to accommodate a luxury shopping gallery.

Founded in 2017, by Thomas Ghaye, the gallery represents emerging artists, mainly from the French scene. With a dynamic program, La Peau de l’ours has regularly served as a springboard for creators whose work is now recognized in the world of contemporary art.

After a little more than 4 years of existence, gallery owner and collector Elie Schonfeld decided to join the adventure with the objective of continuing the development of La Peau de l’ours by strengthening its presence and that of its artists on the international scene.

Contemporary ceramics have been an integral part of La Peau de l’ours’s programming since its inception, and the gallery is pleased today to support contemporary creation by offering the winner of the Prix Galerie the 2022 edition of C14-PARIS, a solo exhibition in the course of 2023 (dates to be confirmed).


Logo c14-rond

At this 18th edition, a new Prize will be awarded
by the jury of the C14-PARIS show: the Jury Prize.

He will dedicate the winner as a guest of honor for the following year’s edition.

A privileged place, located on the ground floor at the entrance to the show – more important (20m2) than the classic stands – will allow the winner to develop more fully his works, his career and his already sustained and promising artistic approach.



C14-PARIS has established a partnership with the Contemporary Ceramics Center La Borne – Henrichemont, Cher (Prix Tremplin)

The Contemporary Ceramics Center La Borne welcomes in residence the winner of the C14-PARIS 2020/21 residency prize, as part of its mission to support the professional integration of a young ceramic artist

Photo: Johan Creten’s exhibition CCCLB, Miroir parlant, 2019.

Tiphanie Dragaut,Artistic manager of the Ceramic Center
25 Grand’Route, 18250 La Borne

The Contemporary Ceramics Center is a place of ceramic production with a specificity linked to wood firing and the transmission of exceptional know-how. To experience cooking over a wood fire is to understand the strength and artistic commitment of potters, ceramists and artists who built their activity around an oven and a community of potters concerned about their independence.
The winner of the 2020 Residence Prize will be offered an environment conducive to the emergence of his research or artistic projects. The resident will have the means of research, production, specific support, theoretical and practical tools around the earth and cooking over a wood fire for better professional autonomy and connection to a regional, national and international artistic network.

– minimum duration of 50 days (consecutive or fragmented nights),
– provision of production equipment, wood ovens (Anagama, Olsen, other, depending on research needs),
– purchase of raw materials,
– specific supervision by a ceramist (CCCLB staff, ACLB member or ceramist called upon according to research needs)
– accommodation in “the house of Châtelets”,
– provision of a vehicle,
– commission of a text on the work of the ceramic artist to an art historian.

The Contemporary Ceramics Center La Borne is a cultural and tourist facility of the Community of Communes Terres du Haut Berry. The programming of the exhibitions unfolds in resonance with the artistic permanence of the Ceramics Association La Borne which has more than 70 members, of thirteen different nationalities, installed within a radius of 35 km around La Borne. All of them create unique pieces, utility pottery and sculptures.


Inaugurated in Spring 2018, ELEVEN STEENS is a new space dedicated to contemporary creation, and this in a completely transversal way, since it is interested as well in art, design, crafts, fashion, fashion. architecture… or even the performing arts.

A place of exploration and production, it primarily invites young creations to express themselves around the subject, through exhibitions, installations, performances, conferences, workshops, etc.

Photo 1: Vue du plateau, ELEVEN STEENS, Belgique
Photo 2: ELEVEN STEENS, Portrait de Jean-Marc Dimanche, membre invité du jury 2020 à C14-PARIS © Louise Dimanche


ELEVEN STEENS provides the winner of the Galerie C14-PARIS Gallery Prize with a 280 m2 floor (ground floor) for a period of 7 weeks (from the end of January 2021).
ELEVEN STEENS undertakes to communicate around the exhibition to the trade press, as it does for its other exhibitions.


ELEVEN STEENS – managed by the ELEVEN STEENS Art Club association – will be open to the public during exhibition times only 3 days a week (Friday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) and by appointment otherwise. Outside exhibition times, the Espace functions like a Club, open only to its members, art lovers and collectors, around the artists invited in residence.
The works presented are for sale.
The transportation and installation of works on the stand remains the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Rue Steens, 11
1060 Saint-Gilles


Logo c14

The members of the Association’s Bureau will elect only one candidate from among the exhibitors and will allow him to exhibit free of charge * the following year on the ground floor of the Annex classified as a heritage stand of the Town Hall of the 14th district ** where he will have with a space of 20m2.

*: exemption from registration fees and presence in the catalog. The costs of transporting works and accommodation remain the responsibility of the exhibitor. The exhibitor also submits to the regulations, identical to the other exhibitors.

**: either in the building allocated to the Salon.


C14-PARIS has established a partnership with the gallery Puls – Bruxelles.

In 2020, Annette Sloth will dedicate a three-week solo show in her gallery, to the winner of the C14-PARIS 2019 ‘Jury Prize’.

PULS Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, founded by Annette Sloth more than a decade ago, exhibits only the best of international contemporary ceramics. Annette Sloth, is herself a Danish ceramist and graduate
of the world-renowned Danish School of Design. She frequently serves as a judge, curator and docent at international ceramic events.

With a worldwide clientele, PULS Gallery offers the best of contemporary studio
art ceramics available anywhere to discerning collectors, museums, and of course, fi rst-time buyers.

A PULS exhibition typically shows work of an established artist alongside that of promising new talent. This platform has enabled emerging artists to put their stamp on the next generation of Ceramic Art.

PULS Gallery is the only one of its kind in Brussels. It is situated in the elegant Place du Châtelain square, an international area buzzing with galleries, bars and restaurants and within a stone’s throw of the well-known Avenue Louise with its many shops, galleries and businesses. The gallery consists of two halves: a front exhibition space with generous display windows looks out onto the square and a back space that faces the garden.

Additionally, the Annette Sloth website allows visitors to buy what she calls “collectables” which have not been physically shown in the gallery but are made exclusively for PULS by artists connected to the gallery.


C14-PARIS has established a partnership with Keramis – Center of Ceramics in La Louvière (Belgium).

In the spring of 2020, Keramis awards the winner of the C14-PARIS ‘Residence Award’ a 50-day residence (consecutive or fragmented nights) including access to the workshop, the provision of production equipment, specific supervision by its manager, ceramist Olivia Mortier, and on-stand accommodation

Museum, space of art and creation dedicated to ceramics, Keramis is erected on the stand of the old pottery Boch in La Louvière. Its architecture, contemporary and daring, includes an old listed building of the 19th century that contains three old giant coal kilns, the last of its kind in Belgium. Opened in 2015, Keramis organizes temporary exhibitions and welcomes artists in residence.

Ludovic Recchia, founder and artistic director of Keramis, will be one of the jury members of the 2019 show.

Art historian Ludovic Recchia is curator of the decorative arts at the Royal Museum of Mariemont (BE). Specialist of Belgian ceramics of the 20th century, he is a lecturer at ENSAV (La Cambre) and member of the AIC. It is in Keramis – Center of Ceramics in La Louvière, of which he is a founding member and artistic director, that he carries out a militant action in favor of ceramic creation.

Photo 1: Keramis Center, La Louvière in Belgium © Maude Faivres
Photo 2: Ludovic Recchia, director of the Keramis Center, guest jury member 2019 at C14-PARIS © Antony Girardi